Happy Tails

little girl

Kathy, Nice to hear from you again. Megan/ Little Girl is doing great! She was spayed on August 24 and, I am happy to say, has recovered well and is running amuck around here. Here are a few pictures of her around the house, playing with her big brother, and all together just being cute. Hope all is well. Ben and Bree


Playing with daddy and his toy!

Well guys it is official - Asher who once was a poor little doggie with three legs has now been renamed ACE and has moved on to bigger and better toys. Take a look at his new dad. These people have fell in love with him and are spoiling him rotten. I JUST LOVE IT (but I miss him). He is a sweet dog.


This is Benna and Rascal, beautiful babies that are very happy and safe in their new home. Dogs are doing great. They are keeping the geese and ducks away. We can't thank you enough for these sweethearts. Hope all is well with you.


I just wanted to write you and share some pictures with you of Bonita. We decided to name her Lucy. It just seemed to fit her much better and easier to call her! haha... She's been so great and we just adore her! She's growing so fast too! You won't believe it! :) She's such a good puppy and is training very well. We do have some stubborn moments but we're getting there! She's finally walking on a leash with me and loves to play fetch! As far as the potty training goes- we've only had 2 accidents with urination but that's it! We have gotten really lucky and I think whatever you did to train her and get her on the right track helped! We are so grateful to have such a good girl. She had her first Vet visit a little over a week ago and did amazing. She's not much of a barker which also makes me happy. haha... Our neighbor behind us has an obnoxious dog and is always barking. Lucy is so good though and goes back to her own business. We have a few kids in the neighborhood who love to come over now and play with her. She's so good with kids and loves being around them! We couldn't be any happier with her and she's been such a delight to have around and I just love having the company when my husband has to work late nights. :)